Redaction QC Workflow | Case Study

Learn how Inventus helped our client develop a workflow to manage a large document review with 100,000+ redactions.

For an IP defense client, Inventus developed a redaction quality control workflow to manage a large document review.


  • Client had to QC over 100,000 redactions created by contract attorneys

  • Production required that all redactions be consistent to preserve privilege

  • QC task had to be completed within a 3-day period

Inventus Solution: 

  • Designed a workflow that included Equivio’s Near Duplicate technology and Relativity’s batching process
  • The dataset was sorted by Equivio’s Near Duplicates so that redactions could be quickly compared

Client Benefits:

  • Near-Duplicate Batching increased the speed of the task and the team made their deadline

  • QC measure ensured all redactions were consistent across the production set